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Monday through Friday 330-530pm @ Moharimet Elementary

Durham Parks and Rec and Seven Rivers are offering a NEW robust After School Enrichment Program for families in the Oyster River School District! Choose from our nature based activities throughout each season to craft a part or full time experience.  Our basic program will include a combination of outdoor enrichment, projects, activities & games that teach skills and build community.

Families can also choose from the seasonal Seven Rivers favorites such as Mountain Biking, Medieval Knights, Archery and more! Both our basic Afterschool program and our specialty options are offered every day of the week.

Winter/Spring Session (March & April)

Monday: Off the Beaten Path

Tuesday: Dungeons & Dragons

Wednesday: Outdoors to Explore

Thursday: Medieval Knights

Friday: Archery

Spring Session (April-June)

Monday: Off the Beaten Path

Tuesday: Cooking & Carving 

Wednesday: Fishing

Thursday: Mountain Biking

Friday: Paddling

*Transportation Available*



Monday through Friday 3-530pm, Grades K-5 @ Newfields Elementary

Seven Rivers is offering full time after school enrichment for Newmarket & Newfields for the 2023-2024 school year!

These programs will be held in the enchanting forests & fields surrounding Newfields Elementary school and for paddling programs on the historic tidal Squamscott river. Explore traditional & backcountry skills, seasonal craft & projects, team building and gain a sense of community and stewardship with our unique nature based programs. 

Winter Session (January-April)

Monday: Cross Country Skiing

Tuesday: Off the Beaten Path

Wednesday: Backcountry Cooking & Carving

Thursday: Off the Beaten Path

Friday: Medieval Knights

Spring Session (May-June)

Monday: Backcountry Cooking

Tuesday: Off the Beaten Path

Wednesday: Medieval  Knights

Thursday: Off the Beaten Path

Friday: Archery 

*Transportation Provided for Newmarket students to and from Newmarket Elementary School*

After School: Tours
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