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FAQ: Welcome


Our enrichment programs are created with intention and care. We work hard to build community and the social emotional well being of our participants. Collaboration, curiosity and compassion are encouraged in every aspect of our programs as we explore, create and engage in nature. We teach age appropriate fire building and knife skills in all of our programs. We have a Bell Tent (indoor-outdoor classroom) that we use on especially cold and wet days for story telling, reading, craft and art.


Cancellations made prior to two weeks from start date will be given a 50% refund. Cancellations made after two weeks prior to start date will not receive a refund. We offer deposits and payment plans on a case by case basis. We reserve weather related cancellation for extreme/unsafe weather, therefore we do not offer weather related refunds or make up days.


Please have your child wear seasonal, weather appropriate clothing. Wool blend or non cotton base layers/socks are highly recommended in the colder seasons. They should have food and water that they would typically consume during the timeframe that they are in program. All of their belongings should fit into a back pack that they are able to carry independently.

This is a great resource if you are looking for outdoor gear and how to layer appropriately according to each season in New England:

                                OUTDOOR SCHOOL SHOP


Our instructors are required to have Wilderness First Aid & CPR certification, and are trained to manage risk in a backcountry setting. Many of our programs include kayaking and/or paddle boarding. We train our staff in ACA water rescues and risk management. All participants, regardless of swimming ability, wear a PFD at all times on the water.


We use whittling knives and other tools in all of our programs. When we introduce a new tool we take the necessary time to teach safety and technique. We spend time with each student to determine their awareness and skill until they exhibit appropriate respect and competency.


We have the use of portable toilets at many of our program locations, however as we are an entirely outdoor program we use 'wild bathrooming' practices . Our wild bathrooming includes a private place to go to the bathroom in the woods or on a portable 'potty' for our younger participants followed by hand washing/sanitizing. Many of our participants like to carry a small toileting bag in their pack with toilet paper and hand sanitizer.


Seven Rivers is a family owned and run Outdoor School that integrates nature based learning with team building components and seasonal activities. All of our quality equipment for paddling, xc skiing, woodworking and archery are provided for our students at no additional cost. We offer transportation for our youth excursions & after school programs as needed. Seven Rivers prioritizes competitive compensation for our instructors. Tuition Scholarships are available each year and are entirely funded by our Community Events hosted by our Lighthouse students.

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