- FALL 2022 -
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Ages 9 & Up
Thursday 9am-1pm
$675 (15wks)

This backcountry program will offer an in depth experience in bushcraft, wilderness first aid and medicine, survival and navigation skills. Enjoy immersion into the wilderness and gain valuable knowledge of how to find and use things in the wild to not only survive, but thrive, in the backcountry.

Ages 9 & Up
Thursday 9am-1pm
$675 (15wks)

This program is dedicated to creating a sacred space for young women, and those identifying as Femme. Participants will have the unique opportunity to explore their bodies infinite wisdom and natural cycles. Seasonal projects such as foraging,  fiber arts, storytelling and other ancestral skills will be interwoven with nourishing a deep connection to each other and Mother Earth.

Grades K & Up

Wednesday and/or Friday 9am-1pm

$675 (15 wks) *price for one day/week

This unique program is our most diverse and dynamic offering. Participants enjoy seasonal adventures such as kayaking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and hiking. Participants will learn basic wilderness skills necessary for exploring the backcountry, and also the significance of building community and stewardship. In this multi-age setting there is also exposure to aspects of permaculture and outdoor cooking. We strive to foster independence while nurturing positive group dynamics through team building activities.

Ages 3-6
Tuesday and/or Thursday 9am-12pm
$525 (15wks) *price for one day/week

This program is similar to Off the Beaten Path, but designed specifically for younger participants. Wildlings will explore the forest and tidal river at the edge of Great Bay, enjoy seasonal projects and activities such as cider pressing, sugaring, cross country skiing and paddling while also getting an introduction to basic wilderness skills.

Ages 10 & Up
Tuesday 9am-1pm
$675 (15 wks)

Reclaim your wild side. Venture into the backcountry on foot, kayaks, skis and bikes. The intention of this program is to explore the water and woods of the greater seacoast area, learn backcountry survival skills while deepening your connection to the natural world, building community with others and nurturing a sense of stewardship and sustainability. Participants will grow their navigation, wilderness first aid and trip planning skills both on the water and in the woods.

Grades K & UP
Monday 9am-1pm
$675 (15 wks)

This unique offering is a seasonal, interdisciplinary program designed to weave in practical application skills. In this multi-age, group setting we will explore concepts of literacy, art, math and science in the context of workshops and projects. Participants will begin with theory, design and strategy, then moving on to implementation & trouble shooting and finally come up a finished product/event which will be a fundraiser for the Seven Rivers Enrichment Scholarship Program. 

FALL THEME  'Taste of the Wild'

What is involved in growing, harvesting and preparing food? What is required to design and run a cafe...in the wild!? We will be building an outdoor kitchen and cafe, making serving ware, planning a menu based on food we've grown and harvested, digging into business and marketing and then hosting a Forest Feast for families in the community.